Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess academy

Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess academy is instituted in KCT to honor our Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam, one of the significant personalities who strived to build the ecosystem and significance for the game of chess in India. The Academy is located in the East wing of the Administrative building in KCT campus. The academy was inaugurated by GM Viswanathan Anand during the 94th birth anniversary of Arutchelvar Ayya, which marked the KCT’s Founder’s Day celebration on 21st March 2017. The function was presided by IM Manuel Aaron( First Indian International Chess Master) and Mr. D.V. Sundar(Vice President of the World Chess Federation).  And as told by Vishwanathan Anand, Dr.N.Mahlingam Chess Academy will be the platform where chess enthusiasts in the Kongu region or any other part of Tamil Nadu will target to achieve their goals.

Professional Enhancement

  • The amateurs and the young chess aspirants are offered with professional training from the experts and taught with the various strategies to master this game.
  • Coaching camps are organized and participants will be trained to expertise the game psychologically, mentally and physically and overcome any of the shortcomings faced in mastering the game.
  • Various events, competitions and tournaments (including: national, state and district levels) will be held to encourage the enhancement of the game.

Future Plan- Train the trainer

  • N.M.Chess Academy will work efficiently in organizing sessions and events at various schools and institutions, where chess still remains an untouched adventure.
  • Through the informative sessions, any chess enthusiast will be introduced to the game and eventually trained to master it through various levels of sponsorship.
  • We believe the trained person will train another few and this will grow in exponentials as ripple effect. Finally, as the way a single drop becoming a million drops, the chess spirit shall move on to a million hands through multiple single hands.

Chess Involves Calculation

Chess is the mind’s gymnasium. Chess is a game with infinitely futuristic calculations from numbering the attackers and defenders of a simple exchange to calculating humongous continuations. It requires you to calculate the depth of your opponent’s mind.

Chess Helps You With Decisions

A chess player has to take various decisions while playing the game based on different movements on the board and the best move is to be chosen within a limited period of time, which helps us make the best decisions in real life too.

Chess Enriches Logical Reasoning

Like other logical activities, the action reaction mechanism is dominant in chess. Chess is a game of complexity and one has to be logically strong to break the walls of the opposition, enter into the kingdom of victory and get crowned as a champion.

Chess Enhances Scientific Thinking

Chess enhances the way we think by generating numerous variations in our mind when we play. It helps us to find new ideas, predict the outcomes and interpret them effectively. The hypothesis is decided and the move is made before testing it.

Chess Discovers The Hidden Artist

The game of chess brings out the artist in you for chess itself is an art. Human imagination is wild and in chess, your imaginations can fly endless up to 264. The hidden artist in you will be woken up as you go on picturing the big and strategic moves.

Chess Improves Patience

Patience is the key to open the untapped potential in any source. Since chess is a game one might have to wait or think on for hours and hours for making one move to another, the patience in oneself increases subtly enabling to have a greater edge in mastering the same.

Recent News & Events

Get to know all the latest happenings of Dr. N.Mahalingam Chess Academy. Recent events include the Coaching Camps, Various Formats of Tournaments and Championships organized by the academy at different levels. Click on the below events to get a detailed information on the same.


Dr.N.Mahaligam Chess Academy

Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess academy is instituted in KCT to honour the Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam, who was one of the significant personalities who strived to build the ecosystem and significance for game of chess in India. The Academy is located in the East wing of Administrative building in KCT campus.

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