KCT Founders Day—Chess Academy Inauguration

  Kumaraguru College of Technology (KCT) celebrated the 94th birthday of its founder Arutchelvar Dr. N.Mahalingam on March 20th and 21st 2017. KCT considers Founder’s Day as an occasion to remember the inspiring life of Arutchelvar,  emulate his high thinking and simple living, and work towards realizing his vision for an empowered, socially conscious humanity.  The Founders Day Mahautsav included events such as: student project expo, Inauguration of Jyothi Nilayam, the newly built guest facility in KCT,  Thevarap Pannisaipotti and Bharathanatiyam Performance & Laya Samarpanam by Grammy Award winner, Viku Vinayakram.  And one of the hallmark events of the Founders Day include the inauguration of Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess Academy by 6 times World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan Anand,

GM Vishwanathan Anand on the Dr.N.Mahaligam Chess Academy

Dr.N.Mahalingam Chess Academy was inaugurated by Former World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan Anand, on 21st May 2017 and that is when the students of KCT and chess enthusiasts of Kongu region got a chance to share the stage with their chess icon. The excitement was in peak and every mind was surrounded with the thoughts of chess, the whole day.  The inaugural function was presided by IM Manuel Aaron( First Indian International Chess Master ) and Mr. D.V. Sundar( Vice President of World Chess Federation ).
Anand on his inaugural speech, spoke about his reminiscences with Coimbatore and patronage Dr.N.Mahalingam provided to him. In his own words, “Dr.N.Mahalingam was the rock on which the Chess Academy of Tamil Nadu was built.” Anand further said it was his delight to open the chess academy in the name of Dr.N.Mahalingam.  He said he has strong hopes that Dr.N.Mahalingam chess academy will become the chess hub in the region and many champions will emerge through this academy.  Following the inauguration GM Viswanathan took seminar on, “Ruylopez Opening and Sicilian Defence” with about 100 chess enthusiasts gathered to make moves with the master.

As visioned by GM Anand, Kumaraguru College of Technology is making all the possible efforts to encourage and rebuild the game of chess towards ultimatum.

Arutchelvar Dr.N.Mahalingam Award

Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam Award – An Award which has been instituted in his honor to recognize the eminent accomplishments of individuals – is awarded to Sri. Manuel Aaron for his extraordinary contribution to the development of Chess in India.  Aaron on his acceptance speech spoke about his relationship with Arutchelvar Ayya and his contribution and passion towards the chess game. He complimented Ayya for the way he used to support and motivate the chess players.